Project Overview

The Project Engineering reinjection system was selected for the Hartfield Park MAR trails by the Shire of Kalamunda in Western Australia.

Due to the growing demand and cost of water for irrigation, the Shire of Kalamunda is exploring potential new sources of water for Hartfield Park use that will be sustainable in the long-term. They are currently proving the feasibility of harvesting stormwater from the Water Corporation’s Woodlupine main drain for MAR.

Water is collected in the high winter rainfall season, it’s then filtered and reinjected into the nominated aquifer. The water is extracted during the dry summer months for irrigation purposes. The aquifer essentially works as a large storage vessel for the water.

The Project Engineering system is pivotal in proving a suitable means to control the injection flowrate and total amount of water injected.

Project Engineering Hartfield Park Unit
Project Engineering Hartfield Park MAR2
Project Engineering Hatfield Park Project