Project Engineering designs and constructs managed aquifer recharge systems utilising market leading valve technology to reinject water back into aquifers.

Managed Aquifer Recharge Services

Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) is the use of reinjection wells where water is directly injected into suitable aquifers. Project Engineering designs, manufactures, and supplies reinjection headworks, valves & control systems for aquifer recharge.

The MAR systems developed by Project Engineering are manufactured using proven and patented pending technology. Our MAR units have continued to operate in the harsh Australian environment where temperatures reach in excess of 50°C. The water being controlled through the reinjection systems range from fresh, brackish to hyper-saline. Our MAR units and technology continue to deliver accurate and consistent flow rates demanded by industry best practice.

Project Engineering FMG Managed Aquifer Recharge

Design & Consulting

Design & Consulting

Project Engineering has an experienced in-house engineering and design team providing custom solutions to any aquifer reinjection project.

Our capability includes project management, 3D drafting, skid design, control design, sub-contractor management, project procurement and commissioning.

Water Management & Pumping Solutions

Experienced in developing and implementing control systems for saline and freshwater pumping systems, including the construction of irrigation, mains water supply and mine dewatering applications.

Project Engineering Live Lobster Farm Air & Water Management
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Part Sales & Equipment Maintenance

Parts Sales & Maintenance

We provide a spare parts service for all injection equipment purchased. This includes supplying original equipment and component upgrades.

Maintenance services include:

  • Reinjection headworks and valve refurbishment
  • Pump rebuilds;
  • Blower rebuilds;
  • Electrical maintenance; and
  • General site maintenance.